Keywords : kinetic typography, emotion delivery

KIWEE(Kinetic typography Instant messenger With Emotional Expression) allows users to automatically create kinetic typography effects, encouraging users to deliver emotions effecively through text.


Keywords : accessibility, visually impaired; Assistive technology; Public data usage; Public transportation

A white cane was redesigned into the TalkingCane, an interactive instrument for visually impaired people to communicate with the world. The research goal is to facilitate bus usage by visually impaired and increase their ability to exercise their essential right of accessibility in their daily lives.

Study on readability of Korean online media page

Keywords : eye-tracking, readability, online media, class project

Aim of the work is to study people's reading habit when reading online news websites in South Korea, which still seems to be out-dated and under-developed in terms of UX design. Using an eyetracker, we explored the eye gaze of people when reading news online.


Keywords : trust, social computing, social network

This work focuses on how human resources in social network, including weak tie and strong tie, are utilized. We suggest a model based on the idea that a person whom my reliable person relies on is also reliable. Based on trust as a feature, a new type of a social network is built.

NEOLAB Pen Computing

Keywords : pen computing, education

An aim of this work is to expand the usage of N2, a smart pen from NEOLAB.