Study on Readability of Korean Online Media Page


In spite of its cutting-edge internet technology and fast-developed internet culture, online news websites in South Korea still seems to be out-dated and under-developed in terms of UX design; many media companies have no consideration on readibility and tend to cover an article page with assorted advertisements. While many media companies obssess on earning money from ads, readability has been sacrificed and users are fed up with ads and have started to ignore them. The issue has been criticized for several years. We measured the readers' eye-gaze duration, pixels for each element (text articles, ads and navigation); visualized how many ads occupy the article page, and how readers are distracted by unorganized UX design.


Eye-tracking, readability, online media, visualization, class project

Research Methods



Je Seok Lee, Yujin Kim, Jihee Suh, Yina Zhang (Seoul National University)


Figure 1. Heatmap on gaze data on several online news website layout

Figure 2. Spatial area

Figure 3. Sum of gaze

Figure 4. Normalized gaze